1990-1996 Digital Information Center Bulb Replacement


90-96 Digital Information Center Bulb Replacement

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Parts Required


Tools Required

  • Torx 15 screwdriver/bit
  • Small Flat Blade screwdriver
  • Sharpie
  • Xacto Knife


1. Using a Torx T-15 screwdriver, remove the five screws holding the switch panel to the DIC housing. There are four screws on the front side, and one on the back.




2. Carefully unplug the connector on the back side of the switch panel and set it aside. Then remove the switch panel from the DIC housing.



3. Using the Sharpie, mark the locations where the factory warning/indicator bulbs (the ones in rectangular grey sockets) are located. Remove the bulbs from the DIC housing by twisting 1/16 turn counterclockwise and gently pulling the bulb away from the plastic circuit board.



4. Remove the round brown and grey illumination bulbs from the switch panel by turning approx 1/16 turn counterclockwise with a small flat-blade screwdriver and gently pulling the sockets away from the switch panel. Use needlenose pliers if needed.


5. Using an Xacto knife or other pointy tool, unwind the old bulbs from the brown and grey sockets and set them aside.


6. Insert the bulb marked BROWN in the brown socket. Make sure that there is only one lead in each hole of the socket to prevent shorts.


7. Bend each lead sideways, following the channel cut into the plastic socket.





8. Wind each of the two leads around the rectangular side post on the edge of the socket counterclockwise, again following the channels cut into the plastic socket. Then trim the lead as shown above.



9. Repeat steps 6-8 for the GREY socket and bulb marked GREY. Note that the replacement bulb is smaller than the factory grey bulb, and it will sit lower in the socket.


10. Reinstall the brown socket in the hole marked BROWN on the rear of the switch panel. Turn approx 1/16 turn clockwise with a small flat-blade screwdriver.


11. Replace the switch panel in the DIC plastic housing and reinstall the five T-15 Torx screws. Next, gently reconnect the 5 pin electrical connector to the switch panel. Make sure the connector is properly aligned to the pins and that there are no pins sticking out on either side of the electrical connector.


12. Install the new warning/indicator bulbs in the back of the DIC plastic housing in the locations you marked with the Sharpie, leaving the non-marked holes empty. Make sure the metal tabs of the sockets remains outside the hole for the bulb so that they make contact with the plastic circuit board. Only install bulbs where bulbs were located before.


13. Before completely reassembling the car, take the time to test your work. Plug the DIC in, and test the lighting and other functions of the panel. When you are satisfied that everything is working, reinstall the panel and replace the trim.