Schematic Diagrams for the 1984 - 1989 Digital Cluster Power Supply

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Reader Tip from Bill Mezko:

Attached is the schematic of the General Instrument 5V power supply for the digital board of the display module from an 85 corvette. It is hand drawn and not pretty, but may be of some value. Again, this supply is totally different from the supply for the '89 corvette on your web site.

A weakness of this supply is that the switching device is gooped to one of the filter capacitors, which puts thermal and mechanical stress on the cap. One of the caps on my power supply had failed - one of the leads apparently disconnected inside the package. I made a small heatsink for the device from a sheet of copper and didn't goop anything to the cap. This fix probably traded one problem for another, we'll see.

Thx, Bill Meszko