84-89 Backlighting Repair Bundle

Repair Dark and Intermittent Clusters with ease!


This bundle contains all the parts that we replace when a cluster comes into the batee.com shop for a backlight repair.


Signs your cluster may need a backlight repair:

  • The four bulbs which illuminate the cluster remain dark, even with the ignition on.

  • When the ignition is on, the cluster remains dark and the info can't be seen

  • The cluster is dark with the headlights off, but works with the headlights on.

  • Sometimes, hitting the dash or hitting a bump causes the cluster to start working properly.

  • Shining a flashlight on the cluster causes the information to appear.

  • The cluster LCD panels are dark, but the turn signal and high beam indicators are on constantly.

  • The cluster works, but the display is very dim.

  • The cruise control won't set.

  • The (auto) transmission won't go into Overdrive.



  • 12 pin Male connector (bottom board)

  • 12 pin Female Connector (top board)

  • Replacement Photocell

  • Replacement Dimmer Transistor and Smoothing Capacitor

  • Replacement Xenon Illumination bulbs and sockets or LEDs (4)

  • Replacement Indicator bulbs and sockets (3)

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Complete instructions and video are online