Cruise Control Repair Kit (1984-88)

Save your cruise control!



The digital instrument panel contains the cruise control for your 84-89 Corvette. As components get older, cruise solenoids tend to short. When they do, these transistors are destroyed, and the cruise no longer sets. This kit provides the parts commonly needed to refurbish your cruise control.

Best of all, the cluster doesn't have to be completely disassembled to replace these components!



Signs your Cruise Transistors may be defective

  • The cruise control won't set

  • You havereplaced the internal board connector set

  • You've recently replaced the cruise solenoid

  • You've checked the wiring and found no problems



  • 2 - Cruise Transistors

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Schematic, Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide are online - Click here