1990-1996 Replacement Bulb Kit Complete

The best replacement bulbs we've ever seen!



These replacement bulbs are an exact match for the factory-supplied bulbs. They are the same color and the same intensity as the factory bulbs, and they look great! Unlike the cheaper alternatives, these bulbs lock into place at the correct angle to allow your factory case to be used!



It's easy to replace the bulbs:


1) Remove the instrument panel.



2) Remove the 8 Torx screws holding the protective cover.



3) To remove the bulbs, turn them counterclockwise and pull them out.


4) Then reverse the procedure to install the new bulbs and replace the protective cover.



  • 20 - Illumination and Signal Bulbs

  • 20 - Twist Lock Bulb Bases (preinstalled on the bulbs)


Bulbs are out of stock as of 8/17/18.