90-96 C68 ECC AC HVAC Restoration Kit

Restore your components and save!



The most common problems with the 90-96 HVAC controls are shorted capacitors in the control module and programmer module, and blown bulbs in the control module. This kit includes capacitors and diodes to rebuild both control module and programmer module, bulbs and more!



  • 4 - Capacitors for Control Module
  • 2 - Capacitors for Programmer module
  • 5 - HVAC Illumination Bulbs (bulb sockets are not included)
  • 2 - Diodes for Control Module Rebuild
  • 2 - Diodes for Programmer Module rebuild
  • 4 - Strip of surface mount transistors (only install if you are familiar with surface mount soldering!)
  • Supply of solder

  • Complete instructions are online here and an installation video is here