We have updated the 84-89 Cluster Repair Videos in 4K!

Posted by Bryan Thompson on

Several years have passed since we created the Digital Cluster repair videos. Parts availability has changed, and experience has changed a few of our recommendations. We rerecorded these videos in 4K, with studio lighting and professional audio. You can find them online here:

All - 84-89 Playlist 2020 
#1 - Disassembly  
#2 - Lighting Repair  
#3 - Faded LCD Repair 
#4 - Power Supply Replacement  
#5 - Reassembly  
#6 - Testing the repairs  
#7 - Installing LEDs  
#8 - 86-89 C68 HVAC Controller Repair 
#9 - 86-89 C68 HVAC Programmer Repair  
#10 - Digital Information Center Bulb Replacement 

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  • How do I trouble the LCD circuits for battery drain on 1984 corvette

    Johnny Quinata on
  • Hi I’m going to ship you my 1987corvette cluster sometime this week by ground. It’s work sometimes and it also has sun damage I will send you a email when it’s shipped.

    John on

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