We're (still) open as of March 29th!

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Hi, everyone! 

We're doing our best to maintain normal service times and shipping deadlines.   We have several shipping clerks who can back-fill for each other if anyone needs to be out of the office, and we absolutely will not allow anyone sick to come to work.  Despite the craziness of the past few weeks, we're still open and shipping daily! 

Repair is a bit more specialized - only a couple of us are qualified to do the repair work.  As long as everyone remains healthy, we intend to keep the repair business open as well.  We wipe everything down when it comes in and again when we bag it to go out the door.  If you're thinking about sending in a component for repair, right now is an excellent time, with service times of less than two days.

Inventory remains good for now, but we're beginning to hear from some vendors that it might be November before sales resume.  We see this as an opportunity to locate alternate sources for key supplies, and it's also turning out to be a good time to expand our offerings as well. 

We spent the week adding new products and updating the information and photos on our website and eBay store.   90-96 HVAC Kits, 90-96 HVAC Faceplates and buttons, and 90-96 Trip Monitor kits have all been added or updated this week!

And Hey!  Let's be safe out there!

Thank you,

Bryan Thompson

Owner, batee.com Corvette


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