1986-1989 Corvette C68 Electronic Climate Control Faceplate Kit

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2021 Update:

Supply chain issues have hit this product, and we're having to pay black market prices to get the coupe faceplates, which is why they're more right now.  The only difference is in the symbol for the rear defrost (coupe - solid outline) or heated mirrors (convertible - dashed outline).  If you don't care, order the convertible and save!


Repair Broken Buttons with this new faceplate kit!

This is a new replacement faceplate kit for your C68 Electronic Climate HVAC Air Conditioner Controls (C68 ECC). It includes all new buttons and rubber switch contacts, but no other electronics are included.

 It's a great option for replacing worn faceplates, non-working buttons, and sticking buttons. It's also a necessary component when repairing the HVAC faceplate, as it is necessary to break the factory faceplate to disassemble it in order to reach solder joints that commonly fail.


Signs your faceplate may need to be replaced

  • Cracked or broken plastic

  • One or more buttons don't work

  • Buttons stick or are missing.

  • The display is dead or intermittently dead

  • The lights on the faceplate intermittently flash like crazy disco lights