Rebuilding The 1990-1996 C68 ECC HVAC Controls



Over time, heat can cause the capacitors in your C68 Control Module and Programmer module to dry out and eventually short. Protection diodes can be damaged by reverse or 24V jump starts. Age and pot holes cause the bulbs in the control unit to blow. This restoration kit addresses all of these problems.



  • The control unit display is blank, or the control unit operation is intermittent

  • The control unit functions, but the buttons and/or display don't illuminate

  • Cold air blows from the vents when heat is selected, or hot air blows when AC is selected


Supplies you'll need for this project

  • 90-96 C68 ECC HVAC Restoration Kit - Click Here to buy.

  • 3/16" nutdriver

  • Wire Cutters

  • A 15-25W soldering iron

  • Desoldering braid or a solder remover of your choice.


Repair Video

Click Here



Note that the repair kit now includes a strip of four TINY surface-mount transistors intended to replace the factory ones on the back side of the circuit board. You should only replace these transistors if you are familiar with surface mount soldering and have the proper tools to do so. You should not replace the transistors unless you complete the repairs in the video above, and STILL have a blank display.