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We're a small shop, so please leave us a message if we're on the phone with someone else!


Shipping Address Corvette Parts and Repair

c/o Bryan Thompson

608 Newcastle Drive

Rolla, MO 65401


Update: Please don't ship to us via Fedex. Fedex in my town is completely unable to deliver a package to us!


About Our Repair Service

    • We repair 1984 - 1996 Corvette Digital Cluster Instrument Panels and 1986-2004 Electronic HVAC components.

      • This is not an exchange service - we return your repaired components back to you!

      • The speedometer / odometer tests on 84-89 Clusters may cause your odometer mileage to increase by a small amount. If you don't want this, let us know and we'll skip those tests.


Before Shipping

      • Check these fuses:

        • 84-89 Instrument Panel Issues (TAIL, LCD, CLSTR, and INST)

        • 84-89 HVAC Issues (AC and CTSY)

        • 90-96 Cluster Issues (CCM1, CCM2, CCM3, LCD and CLUSTER)

        • 90-96 HVAC Issues (CLUSTER and AC and CTSY)


Removing the Components

      • Removing the 84-89 Cluster: Click Here

      • The 86-89 Programmer is a small black box, about 6" x 6" x 2". It is located in the drivers side footwell, just above the gas pedal. Follow the colored vacuum lines to the programmer. The silicone block with the vac lines is held on with a push on keeper around bolt in the center of the vac lines. Unscrew that keeper with needlenose and then remove all vac lines as an assembly.

      • Removing the 90-96 Cluster: Click Here

      • Removing the 90-96 HVAC Programmer Module: Click Here

      • Removing the 90-96 HVAC Controller Module: Click Here


Shipping To Us

      • Print your name, return shipping address, email address, telephone number, model year, and a brief description of the symptoms on a piece of paper taped to the cluster.

      • It is common for us to get components with four or five return addresses attached. People include a home address, a business card with work address, there will be a third address on the box that corresponds to the UPS store where it was shipped, and Paypal gives us a fourth address from ten years ago. We won't be able to return your cluster until we establish the actual address to return your shipment!

      • Make sure the instrument panel is surrounded by packing peanuts or bubble wrap at least two inches thick on every side. Newspaper, shredded paper, rigid styrofoam, and air bags by themselves don't provide adequate protection for the cluster. No, a dog blanket or bath towel or Christmas tree skirt isn't good enough.

      • Ship the cluster to the address above, then email us and let us know that you've shipped a cluster to us for service. 


The Repair Process

      • When your component arrives, we will diagnose it, email a repair total, and wait for your approval before doing any work. This typically takes 1-2 business days from the time we receive the cluster.

      • If you approve the work, it typically takes 1-2 business days to complete. If not, there's no charge other than return shipping.

      • When we have completed the repairs, we will run tests and then email you with photos of your repaired cluster. This won't happen if we don't have an email address for you.

      • If you pay for the repairs with Paypal, please make sure they have your current address information. We print shipping labels from the info they provide.

      • When we print the shipping label for your components, the system will notify you of the tracking info. This won't happen if we don't have an email address for you, or if your email provider flags Paypal as Spam.



      • We accept credit cards, Paypal, and US Postal Service Money Orders as forms of payment. E-checks, personal checks and non-US Postal Service Money Orders usually take weeks to clear, and delay the return of your repaired components.

      • Customer is responsible for actual return shipping charges (typically what you paid to ship the component to us)


Parts Orders

      • We ship all in-stock parts orders within one business day.

      • We will gladly replace defective bulbs within the first 30 days after the sale.

      • In the unlikely event that an item you order is out of stock, we will contact you and let you decide how to proceed.


International Customers

        • We love our international customers, and routinely ship parts and repairs internationally

        • We can't return your calls. It costs us over $4 a minute to make these calls! Please email or call us during our business hours and we'll be glad to help.

        • If you're considering shipping a cluster from overseas, please ship UPS or Fedex and include a return shipping label.  It's usually cheaper for you to purchase the return label than for us to purchase the return label!

        • Note that it is possible to order from our eBay listings.  The Global Shipping service they have created is delivering quickly and efficiently.  Click Here to see the eBay listings.



        • The repair service includes a one year parts/labor warranty on all new parts sold and installed by, and a 90 day parts/labor warranty on all used components sold and installed by

        • Above all, exists to serve you. If we sold you a part that didn't solve your problem, or if you're still having problems after having a component repaired, please email and give us the opportunity to resolve the issue.



      • Like every parts store in the world, installed components, electronic modules, LCDs and any non-stock or special order components are not returnable.

      • Above all, exists to serve you. If we sold you a part that didn't solve your problem, or if you're still having problems after having a component repaired, please email and give us the opportunity to resolve the issue.


Consultation Services

      • Hourly Consultation - $350.00/hour

      • Available on an exceptionally limited basis

      • Contact (573) 578-9590 to schedule