84-89 Cluster Service

Backlight Repair

This is the most common repair required for the 1984 - 1989 Corvette Digital Cluster. Over time, heat and vibration cause power connections to the circuitry which drives the illumination bulbs to wear out and bulbs fail. Installing the wrong bulbs can also cause this circuitry to fail. Sunlight causes the photocell to degrade over time, which can cause the cluster to completely dim. The backlight repair addresses all of these issues.

 84-89 Cluster Off


  • The cluster remains dark, even with the ignition on.

  • When the ignition is on, the cluster remains dark and the info can't be seen

  • Sometimes, hitting the dash or hitting a bump causes the cluster to start working properly.

  • Shining a flashlight on the cluster causes the information to appear.

  • The cruise control won't set.

  • The (auto) transmission won't go into Overdrive.

  • You can see the info on the cluster during the day, but not at night.


Faded LCD Repair

Over time, sunlight and heat cause the film on the front of the LCDs to fade, which eventually causes them to be unreadable. This seems to be a common problem in hot climates such as Texas and Florida. New LCDs are expensive, but fortunately, we can restore complete readability in your faded panel.

 84-89 Faded

  • The LCD panels light up, but the information can't be read, except with polarized sunglasses or our free test strip.  Email service@batee.com with your mailing address and we'll send you one.

  • The LCDs should be black when the ignition is off. If the colors yellow, green or red appear, the polarizing film has faded.


Power Supply Repair

The internal power supply is another common source of problem with the digital cluster. It contains electrolytic capacitors, which have a finite lifespan of 17-25 years. Heat and vibration cause solder joints to fail, and accidental reverse jump starts and 24V jump starts often cause the power supply to fail. The power supply service replaces your 25+ year old power supply with a factory fresh power supply designed with modern surface mount components. Best of all, the new power supply has an ultra-low standby current draw, which minimizes battery draw when your car is stored for months at a time!



  • The cluster remains dark when the ignition is on

  • Random segments can be seen if you shine a light on the cluster

  • Information shown on the cluster is jibberish, not valid numbers

  • Sometimes, hitting the dash or hitting a bump causes the cluster to start working properly.

  • In certain situations, the fuse marked LCD blows


All Services Include

  • Free inspection of the cluster internals

  • Complete cleaning inside the cluster, including the LCD contacts, LCD panels and light diffusers

  • Bench test of all bulbs and backlight dimmer, speedometer, tachometer and all other gauge functions

  • The parts we replace will be returned with your cluster

  • This is not an exchange service. Your cluster will be returned to you!

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor



  • Any one repair: $230.00 + return shipping

  • Any two of the above repairs: $360.00 + return shipping

  • All three repairs: $460.00 + return shipping


These repairs are the most common needed for the 84-89 cluster. When your cluster arrives, we will diagnose it at no charge, then contact you with photos of the problem and an exact repair total, then wait for your approval before making any repairs. We don't require payment until we complete the repairs and email you with photos of the functioning cluster.



  • Install LEDs instead of bulbs: add $25.00

  • Replace missing Turn Signal lens: $20.00


  • Have leftover cluster or parts? Sell them to us! Email sales@batee.com for info.