COVID-19 Update

As of 10/21/2020, we are open for business.  The Parts department is shipping orders daily and inventory remains good.  The Service department is accepting new work and currently has about a 1-2 day turnaround! 

Attention International Customers!

Due to significant delays with overseas shipping, we have removed the postal shipping option from our parts sales.  This was resulting in delays of many months and so we just stopped using that method.  DHL is the only international option available direct from our website.   DHL now makes daily pickups, and they offer paperless transactions for expedited customs clearance!

If you're considering shipping a cluster from overseas, please ship UPS or Fedex and include a return shipping label!

Note that it is possible to order from our eBay listings.  The Global Shipping service they have created is delivering quickly and efficiently.  Click Here to see the eBay listings. spotted on Demolition Ranch / Off The Ranch!