1990-1996 Corvette Basic Instrument Panel Repair Bundle

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This is a repair kit for YOUR 90-96 instrument panel.  The panel shown above is NOT included!




Repair dark clusters and intermittent LCDs with ease!

This is a bundle of parts that we use when a cluster comes into the batee.com shop for an intermittent LCD repair. If the LCD panel is intermittetly readable, then the polarizing film hasn't faded (at least not completely).


Signs your board connector or bulbs may be defective

  • The LCD panel operation is intermittent

  • The LCD panel and other gauges are unevenly lit, or are very dim

  • One or more gauges is dim, or not evenly illuminated

  • One or more of the telltale warnings around the cluster does not light up during the 2s lamp test when the key is turned on



  • 90-96 Deluxe Gauge Bulb Kit with sockets (20)

  • 90-96 LCD Connector Set

  • 90-96 Photocell Repair Kit

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Desoldering Braid (not shown in photos)