90-96 HVAC Service

Blank LCD

This is a well-known issue with the 1990-1996 Electronic Climate Control (C68 ECC). Age, heat and vibration can cause bulbs and solder joints to fail, wires to break and connectors to lose spring tension. We can restore functionality of your ECC Controller and Programmer in as little as one business day!



90-96 Controller Module




90-96 Programmer Module


Typical 90-96 HVAC Symptoms

  • When the ignition is on, the LCD turns orange but remains blank (or shows "---"), and the info can't be seen

  • The operating mode can't be selected, and the yellow LEDs don't light up

  • The vents blow cold air in the winter, or blow warm air in the summer

  • The bulbs which illuminate the cluster remain dark, even with the ignition on.

  • Sometimes, hitting the dash or hitting a bump causes the AC Controls to start working properly.

  • Shining a flashlight on the LCD or viewing with polarized sunglasses causes the information to appear.

  • AC compressor doesn't engage when AC is selected.

  • Sometimes the LCD display shows jibberish or the LEDs flash

  • Some or all switches stop working


All Services Include

  • Free inspection of the Electronic Climate Control internals

  • Free diagnosis, complete with photos of the problem(s)

  • Complete cleaning inside the controls

  • Bench test of all bulbs, vacuum solenoids, blend door motor, and all other climate control functions

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor

  • This is not an exchange service. Your components will be returned to you, along with the parts we replace!



  • Controller repairs typically run $125.00 + return shipping.
  • Programmer repairs typically run $125.00 + return shipping.


Note: These repairs are the most common needed for the 90-96 ECC, and do not include replacement of missing parts, and do not include replacement of the display or logic board. When your components arrive, we will diagnose them at no charge, then contact you with photos of the problem and an exact repair total, then wait for your approval before making any repairs.


Before Shipping To Us

  • Check the CTSY, CLUSTER and AC fuses.
  • If the LED above the selected mode button is flashing, press the FAN UP and FAN DOWN buttons simultaneously for five seconds to enter diagnostic mode.
    Diagnostic codes will be displayed on the LCD. Send us those diagnostic codes.
  • If air is blowing out the defrost vents and floor vents instead of the front vents, this is not a problem with the HVAC components. Don't send the components to us. Instead, look here for a solution. Click Here for More Info
  • The programmer module is located in the drivers side footwell, just above the gas pedal. Follow the colored vacuum lines to the module. There is a metal keeper holding the block of vacuum lines on. Disconnect it with a pair of needle nose pliers or cut the push-on nut with side cutters, then remove the vacuum lines as a group.  We return the programmer with a lock nut that allows you to reattach the vacuum lines.