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All 1984-1989 Corvette Repair Videos Updated 2020

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Digital Cluster / Instrument Panel Videos

Removing the Cluster
Diagnosing Problems
Disassembly Updated 2020 4K
Reassembly Updated 2020 4K
Fixing Backlights Updated 2020 4K
Photocell Dimmer Repair Updated 2020 4K
Replace Bulbs Updated 2020 4K
Installing LEDs Updated 2020 4K
Fixing Sun-Faded LCD Panels Updated 2020 4K
Replacing an LCD Panel
Replacing the Power Supply Updated 2020 4K
Testing the Dimmer Circuitry and Headlight Switch Updated 2020 4K
Odometer Repair
Bench Testing
LCD Data Signals Diagnosis Scope
Fixing the Wiring Harness Connector / Terminals

C68 HVAC Electronic Climate Control Videos

C68 ECC HVAC Controller Repair Updated 2022 - Faceplate No Longer Required!

C68 ECC HVAC Programmer Repair Updated 2020 4K

C68 ECC Replace Faceplate / Button Repair

Fixing the Wiring Harness Connector / Terminals 2019

Blend Door Testing / Why New Motors Don't Work

C68 ECC Controller Repair Updated 2020 4K

Fix HVAC Older


1984-1989 Corvette Repair Information


Repairing the Digital Cluster
Unreadable LCD panels
Photocell Dimmer Repair
Fixing a Bad Ground
Replacing Cluster Light Bulbs
Power Supply (84-88)
Power Supply (89)
Missing LCD Segments
Advanced Repairs
Bench Testing v2
Bench Testing
Schematic Diagrams
Wiring and Troubleshooting Info
Power and Ground Distribution Info


Cruise Control Wiring and Repair
Cruise Control Repair Guide
Cruise Control Transistor Repair


C68 Electronic Climate Controller Repair Guide
C68 ECC Programmer Board Repair Tips
C68 Wiring and Troubleshooting Info
Bench Testing the C68 Controller