1984-1989 Corvette Xenon Bulb Kit without indicator sockets

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The best replacement bulbs we've ever seen!

84-89 Bulb Kit

Factory 882 and 7073 Halogen bulbs are difficult to obtain, and the heat they generate can seriously damage your Digital Cluster!

These replacement Xenon bulbs run much cooler (207 degrees F) than the factory Halogen bulbs (258 degrees F). They are approximately the same color temperature (2550K) as the factory bulbs (2700K), they're approximately the same intensity as the factory bulbs, and they look great!

84-89 Cluster Lit

The Digital Cluster above is illuminated with our Xenon bulb kit


84-89 Heat Damage

The pics above shows heat damage caused by factory Halogen bulbs



  • 4 - Xenon Illumination Bulbs (run cooler than the factory 882)

  • 4 - Illumination Bulb Bases

  • 3 - Turn signal / High Beam Bulbs



If you also need sockets for the turn signal / high beam indicator bulbs, choose our Xenon Bulb Kit Complete  - Click Here


Note: Partial disassembly of the cluster is required to install the new bulb bases. It's super easy, and complete instructions are online here.