84-89 Cluster Disassembly Bottom Board

Note: If you're only replacing the bulbs, you don't need to remove the bottom board - skip this set of steps!


The next step is to remove the bottom board and LCD panels.

1) Remove the three 7/32" screws holding the odometer to the instrument panel case and remove the odometer. Don't turn, or even touch, the dials on the odometer. You'll never get the telltales to look right if you do, and it'll always look like someone tampered with the odometer.


Figure 1 - Bottom Board Screw Locations (red) and Odometer screw locations (blue)

2) Remove the three odometer screws shown in blue in figure 1, and set the odometer aside. Be careful not to turn the number wheels.

3) Remove the 22 screws holding the bottom circuit board to the Digital Cluster case. These are shown in red in figure 1. Remove the bottom board and set it aside, taking care not to break the bulbs.


Figure 2 - Housing with the bottom board removed

4) Remove the three black plastic trays surrounding the pink rubber blocks. If the blocks come out at this point, that's fine. See figure 2.


Figure 3 - Light Diffusers are shown in red

5) Remove the three light diffuser panels (thick clear plastic with a white plastic sheet). These are shown in red in figure 3.


Figure 4 - LCD Clips shown in red, blue and yellow

6) Remove the LCD clips shown in Figure 4. Pull straight up on the blue and red rubber clips, then remove the speedometer and tachometer panels and set them aside. Move the yellow clip aside and remove the center panel and set it aside.

7) Pull up on the remaining yellow clip to remove it from the housing.


Figure 5 - Empty housing