90-96 Corvette Cluster Removal

Removing Your Instrument Panel

  1. Remove the negative or positive battery cable! This prevents codes from being set when we remove the instrument panel.
  2. Tilt the column to the lowest position.
  3. Remove the screws holding the trim piece around the instrument panel. It's just four #2 Phillips screws.
  4. Remove the carpeted plastic trim piece below the steering wheel with T15 or 9/32" socket. There are two screws near the knees, two more at the bottom of the panel, and two more on the left side of the panel (open the door).
  5. Remove the steel plate revealed by the step above with a 10mm socket.
  6. Remove the two 15mm bolts that hold the "Y" shaped plate and the steering column in place.
  7. Let the steering column drop gently.
  8. Remove the trim piece around the instrument panel.
  9. Remove the four screws which hold the instrument panel in place. They're 9/32".
  10. Pull the instrument panel straight out.


90-96 Instrument Panel Removal