1984-1989 Corvette Backlighting / Board Connector Repair Kit

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Repair Dark and Intermittent Clusters with ease!

This is the most common repair required for the 1984 - 1989 Corvette Digital Cluster. Over time, the connector becomes oxidized and sometimes broken, and the solder joints can become cold. The good news is that parts are available, and the repair can be done by almost everyone!


Signs your board connector may be defective

  • The four bulbs which illuminate the cluster remain dark, even with the ignition on.

  • When the ignition is on, the cluster remains dark and the info can't be seen

  • The cluster is dark with the headlights off, but works with the headlights on.

  • Sometimes, hitting the dash or hitting a bump causes the cluster to start working properly.

  • Shining a flashlight on the cluster causes the information to appear.

  • The cluster LCD panels are dark, but the turn signal and high beam indicators are on constantly.

  • The cluster works, but the display is very dim.

  • The cruise control won't set.

  • The (auto) transmission won't go into Overdrive.


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  • 12 pin Male connector (bottom board)

  • 12 pin Female Connector (top board)

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)