1990-1996 Corvette Complete Instrument Panel Repair Bundle

1990-1996 Corvette Complete Instrument Panel Repair Bundle

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This is a repair kit for YOUR 90-96 Instrument Panel.  The panel shown above is NOT included!





Fix Dark and Intermittent clusters and Tach Problems with ease!


This is a bundle of parts that we use when a cluster comes into the Batee.com shop for a complete repair service. There are three major problems that occur with the 90-96 cluster, and this solves all three:

  • Dark or intermittent LCD operation

  • Tachometer reading is wildly inaccurate or tach needle pegs 6K or 8K when the key is turned on

  • The polarizing film on the LCD panel fades in the sunlight, and needs to be replaced.


Signs your board connector or bulbs may be defective

  • The LCD panel operation is intermittent

  • The LCD panel and other gauges are unevenly lit, or are very dim

  • One or more gauges is dim, or not evenly illuminated

  • One or more of the telltale warnings around the cluster does not light up during the 2s lamp test when the key is turned on

  • The tachometer reading is wildly inaccurate

  • When the key is turned on, the tach needle pegs 6,000 (or 8,000) RPM

  • The LCD panel is very low contrast, difficult or impossible to read (faded polarizing film)



  • 90-96 LCD Restoration Kit with polarizing film and factory graphics

  • 90-96 Tach Calibration IC (6K or 8K - your choice)

  • 90-96 Gauge Bulb Kit with sockets (20)

  • 90-96 LCD Connector Set

  • 90-96 Photocell Repair Kit

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Desoldering Braid (not shown above)