1990-1996 Corvette Instrument Panel Tester (1990-96)

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Update 10/2022: 

The product shown below is out of stock because of This tester is a great way to exercise ALL of the cluster's functions while the cluster is outside of the car. This helps determine if the problem is with the cluster or with the car wiring, and helps to test the repairs you've made to the cluster.

CrazyUncleBurton has been down in the basement working all summer to design an updated 90-96 Cluster Tester built from parts still available in a post-Covid world.  The updated tester will feature a larger touchscreen computer, an active sensor network with forced-air cooling, active lighting testing, LCD and individual analog gauge testing for all models of 90-96 Clusters, and a replaceable cable for the Device Under Test!

The hardware design is done, and he's on to working on the testing software now, so it won't be long until these are available again!


End Update 10/2022


This was originally a product we created to repair clusters sent to batee.com.
However photos we sent to customers got out and we received several requests to purchase the testers. I am proud to announce that they are now available!


The cable provides 12V power and ground to the cluster. It allows for testing of the basic functions of the cluster:

  • LCD segments including odometer, Fuel Level and Speedometer
  • Identification of 90-91 or 92-96 LCD Panels
  • Testing both 6K and 8K analog tachometers
  • Turn signals and high beam indicator
  • Backlighting bulbs for LCD and for needle and gauge text
  • Telltale warning lamps (8) around the edge of the panel
  • Analog gauges such as the tachometer voltmeter, oil pressure, oil temperature, and coolant temperature.



The cluster tester generates all signals, both analog and digital, which are necessary to drive the various instruments in the panel. An additional signal generator or power supply is not needed.


The cluster tester has a 1.8" TFT LCD display which guides the user through the testing process every step of the way, telling you exactly what should appear on the gauges! The online documentation discusses identifying common problems and their solutions.


    • 1 - 90-96 Corvette Instrument Panel Tester with factory connector installed

    • 1 - AC Power Adapter

    • Online Instructions - Click here