1984-1989 Corvette Instrument Panel LED Replacement Bulb Kit Complete

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The best replacement LED bulbs we've ever seen!

We spent years testing LED replacement modules, but none of them lived up to our expectations until now.


Factory 882 and 7073 Halogen bulbs are difficult to obtain, and the heat they generate can seriously damage your Digital Cluster. The cool-running Xenon bulb kits we offer are an excellent solution, but they still dissipate some energy as heat inside the cluster. These replacement LED bulbs run cool to the touch, and they consume 65% less power than the factory bulbs. This means longer life for the heat-sensitive components in your cluster, and longer life for the LEDs as well!


They are approximately the same color temperature (3000K) as the factory bulbs (2700K), they're approximately 20% brighter than the factory bulbs, and they look great!


A Note about dimming - The LEDs are dimmable with the control on the headlight knob. However, the LEDs are much more efficient than the bulbs, and put out more light at a given voltage than the bulbs do. As a result, they don't dim as completely as the bulbs do. If having cool cluster internals is most important to you, go with the LEDs. If you live in a bright location, or have a convertible, or have trouble seeing the cluster in the daytime, the LEDs are probably the best choice. If you drive a lot at night, and it is important to you to dim the cluster completely, then the Xenon bulb Kit we sell is probably a better choice.





The next two images were shot in identical lighting conditions, using identical camera settings. The bulbs are almost identical in brightness, and are only a slightly different color than the LEDs. Our lightmeter shows that illuminated regions are 21% brighter on a cluster running our LEDs than a cluster running our Xenon bulbs.


The LEDs are great for daytime driving in bright climates and for convertible users. If you drive a lot at night and need the cluster to dim completely, the Xenon bulbs are probably a better option for you.

The Digital Cluster above is illuminated with our Xenon bulb kit.

The Digital Cluster above is illuminated with our LED Complete bulb kit.

The pics above shows heat damage caused by factory Halogen bulbs


  • 4 - Warm White 3000K LED Illumination Bulbs

  • 4 - Twist In Illumination Bulb Bases

  • 3 - Turn signal / High Beam Indicator Bulbs

  • 3 - Twist In Indicator Bulb Bases



Note: Partial disassembly of the cluster is required to install the new bulb bases. It's super easy, and complete instructions are online here.