1984-1989 Corvette LCD Driver IC

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LCD Driver ICs AMI 6537 (1984-89)


 LCD Driver ICs are circled in yellow in the image above.

The LCD drivers are the 40 pin integrated circuits which translate the data from the cluster computer to the LCD panels. These ICs are static sensitive, and it is common for those to fail. When they do, they fail to hand off that data from one IC to the next one in the chain of eight. Data enters the cluster from the left and flows from left to right as new data is sent to the driver array. If you see correct data on the far left, and wrong/incorrect data somewhere to the right of that, then the chances are that the ICs have failed.

If you have an oscilloscope, it's easy to identify the failure point. Data flows into pin 34, and flows out of pin 35. Look for the point where the data flows into pin 34 and not out of pin 35. Note that we sell these in pairs because when the output of one fails, we find that the input of the next one in the chain is also failing. We recommend replacing both.

Includes one new 40 pin LCD driver IC.  These are new production ICs, not used or New Old Stock!

We highly recommend using a static wrist strap while working on your LCD driver IC board.  See the Tools section to purchase!