1984-1989 Elastomeric Connector (Long) Set of 10

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Elastomeric Connectors are the pink rubber blocks which connect the hundreds of electrical signals from the display driver ICs to the glass LCD panels. 

Length: 1.86"

Extreme conditions and improper assembly can damage these blocks, so we thought we'd make them available.  Ripples like you see in the photo are normal, and they're not a problem.  Cracking, folded-over edges that won't touch the contacts on the board or glass,  missing chunks, extreme ripples that won't let the block fit into any black bracket, and non-working segments are signs that you need to replace the elastomeric connector. 

We tried some of the new (blue/white/red) elastomeric connectors coming from China, and they're terrible!  They appear to be made from fiberglass, and strands of fiberglass left over from the manufacturing process block the electrical connections they're supposed to create!

A 1984-1989 Corvette Instrument Panel requires six short elastomeric connecters and ten long elastomeric connectors.

Note:  These are factory OEM used parts.  We promise to give you the best one in the bin!