1990-1996 Corvette C68 ECC AC HVAC Restoration Kit

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Restore your HVAC system and save!


The 90-96 C68 HVAC Controller Module (below)


The 90-96 C68 HVAC Programmer Module (below)

Over time, heat can cause the capacitors in your C68 Control Module and Programmer module to leak or dry out, and eventually to short-circuit. Protection diodes and communications transistors can be damaged by reverse or 24V jump starts. Age and pot holes cause the bulbs in the control unit to blow. Solder joints on the solenoids turn cold and solenoids stop working.


This restoration kit addresses all of these problems!


Update as of 3/25/2020:  The controller bulbs now include factory sockets installed.  These are new production as of 2020 bulbs and sockets!



Online Instructions

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  • The control unit display is blank, or the display shows "---"

  • The control unit operation is intermittent or locked up

  • The control unit functions, but the buttons and/or display don't change mode

  • The control unit buttons and/or text are not illuminated when they should be (night / headlights on)

  • Cold air blows from the vents when heat is selected, or hot air blows when AC is selected

  • One or more solenoids doesn't work

  • Contents

    • 4 - Capacitors for Control Module

    • 2 - Capacitors for Programmer module

    • 5 - HVAC Illumination Bulbs in factory sockets!

    • 2 - Diodes for Control Module Rebuild

    • 2 - Diodes for Programmer Module rebuild

    • 4 - Strip of surface mount communications transistors

    • 1 - Batee.com 3D Printed Spacer Plate for Controller

    • 1 - Supply of Replacement Solenoid Filter Foam

    • 1- set of nut and washer to affix the green rubber vacuum connector to your programmer
    • Supply of solder