1990-1996 Corvette Trip Monitor DIC Replacement Bulbs

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Update as of 3/24/2020:  All bulbs now include factory sockets installed.  These are new production as of 2020 bulbs!


The best replacement bulbs we've ever seen!

Sockets shown for purposes of illustration, but are not included with the bulbs

Includes replacement bulbs for button illumination and for all warning indicators!
These bulbs are electrically identical to the (new) factory bulbs. They are super-easy to install, and best of all, no soldering is required!


  • 15 - Replacement Warning Indicator Telltale Bulbs installed in sockets

  • 1 - Replacement bulb for button illumination (goes in brown socket)

  • 1 - Replacement bulb for button illumination (goes in grey socket)

  •  Complete instructions and troubleshooting guide are online here

  • Video of the trip monitor restoration process here