1990-1996 Corvette Digital Information Center Trip Monitor Restoration Kit

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Includes replacement switches, photocell, bulbs for button illumination and bulbs for all warning indicators! These switches, bulbs and photocell are electrically identical to the factory components.



The Digital Information Center (also called the Trip Monitor) is the switch and light panel to the right of the instrument cluster. Its purpose is to display warnings when they exist. It also sets the brightness of the cockpit lighting and allows you to select what information displays on the LCD screen and optionally reset the counters. If yours isn't working as it should, we can help!


Symptoms Addressed by this Restoration Kit

  • The Trip monitor buttons are not lighted at night

  • One or more warning lights don't light up during the 2sec lamp test at key-on

  • Pushing a button on the trip monitor causes the wrong info to be displayed on the LCD

  • Pushing a button on the trip monitor causes nothing to happen

  • The instrument panel / dash lights are dimmer than they should be during the day

  • The instrument panel / dash lights are brighter than they should be at night


Update as of 3/24/2020:  All bulbs now include factory bases pre-installed for ease-of-installation.  These are new production (as of 2020) bulbs and bases!




    • 6 Pushbutton Switches

    • 1 - 90-96 Photocell (goes in your housing)

    • 15 - Replacement Warning Indicator Telltale Bulbs installed in sockets

    • 2 - Replacement bulbs for button illumination with factory bases installed!

    • 1 - Supply of solder

    • Free Restoration Instructions
    • Free Video of the process (see below)