1989 Corvette Instrument Panel Power Supply Repair Kit

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The internal power supply in the Digital Cluster is a common source of problem with the Digital Cluster. Electrolytic capacitors dry out then short, the switching transistor leads break internally, and failed alternators and 24V jump starts can cause overvoltage which destroys the Varistor. A common cause of high pitch whine is a failed inductor, and the kit now includes a replacement!
This kit provides the parts commonly needed to refurbish your power supply.

The 1989 Power Supply is integrated onto the motherboard, and is not replaceable!


The power supply on the 1989 model is not a separate board - it is integrated onto the motherboard of the cluster. Therefore, it cannot be replaced with an aftermarket power supply. When it fails, it must be repaired.


Signs your Power Supply may be defective

  • When the ignition is on, the cluster remains dark and the info can't be seen

  • Segments randomly flash on the dark LCD panels

  • The LCD or CLSTR fuses blow repeatedly

  • Physical damage to the components of the power supply

  • High Pitch Whine is common due to a failed switchmode inductor



  • 1 - 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor (Top Board)

  • 2 - 150uF Electrolytic Capacitor (Top Board)

  • 1 - 33uF Electrolytic Capacitor (Top Board)

  • 1 - 10uF Electrolytic Capacitor (Top Board)

  • 1 - Power Switching Transistor (Top Board)

  • 1 - Voltage Regulator Standby (Top Board)

  • 1 - Schottky switching diode (Top Board)

  • 1 - Zener Overvoltage Diode (Top Board)
  • 1 - Metal Oxide Varistor (Top Board)

  • 1 - Switchmode inductor now included! (Top Board)

  • 1 R183 Power Resistor (Top Board)
  • 1 - Buss wire to attach inductor

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Schematic, Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide are online - Click here

  • Complete videos of the repairs