1984-1989 Corvette Instrument Panel Wiring Harness Female Connectors Kit

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Replace Damaged Wiring Harness Connectors or make a test cable!

This is a factory Wiring Harness connector set. It includes both large and small plastic connectors, as well as the top and bottom wiring lock combs for each connector.

Update:  As of 3/29/2020, we now include 15 crimp terminals with the connector set - more than enough to make your own bench test cable!


Note: There are 41 active pins on the Digital Cluster's 56 pin connector.  If you need additional crimp terminals to repair your wiring harness, they are available separately.




  • Large Female Connector with Terminal Lock Combs

  • Small Female Connector with Terminal Lock Combs

  • 15 Crimp Terminals for 20-22ga wire