1984-1989 Corvette Digital Cluster Component Kit

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Fix your Cruise, Speedometer, Tachometer and other problems with ease!

Over the years, we've identified several problematic components which cause specific problems in the cluster, such as speedo/tach failure, power supply not turning on, cruise not setting, etc.

There are also several smaller local power supplies in the cluster which are formed by Zener diodes and resistors. These power items like the LCD panels (8.2V), Cruise (8.2v), Turn-On Circuit (4.7V), and Speedo IC Power Supply (4.7V).

Vibration and time cause some of the less well secured components, such as the crystals and transistors to break away from the board.

Reverse polarity jump starts and 24V jump starts can cause protective diodes in the cluster to fail. This is a kit of parts to repair those issues.

Signs your Cluster Components may be defective

  • The cruise control won't set

  • The speedometer always reads "0"

  • The tachometer always reads "0"

  • The LCD voltage reads higher than actual system voltage

  • The Power Supply doesn't turn on when power is applied

  • The 4.7V or 8.2V Zener Power Supplies don't work

  • A crystal or transistor has broken away from the board

  • The car experienced a reverse polarity or 24V jump start

  • The car was jump-started with reverse polarity

  • You have replaced the internal board connector set and photocell

  • You've recently replaced the cruise solenoid

  • You've checked the wiring and found no problems



  • 1: CR2/CR5/CR17/CR17 (different on older models)

  • 2: CR5/CR6 ( Unmarked/D13 on older models)

  • 3: CR8 (Unmarked on older models)

  • 4: CR39 (CR112 on older models)

  • 5: CR1 (D1 on early models)

  • 6: CR9 (CR5 on older models)

  • 7: CR4/CR52 (CR52 not used on early models)

  • 8: CR11/12/13/14/15/16/19/20/21/22/23/24/25/26 (unmarked on older models)

  • 9: Q2/Q6/Q7/Q8 (different on older models)

  • 10: Q5 (Q8 on older models)

  • 11: Q11/Q14 (Q106/Q108 on older models)

  • 12: 4.000MHz Crystal (Cruise)

  • 13: 4.194MHz Crystal (CPU)

  • 14: Lead/Tin Solder Packet

  • 15: R146 (R172 on older models)

  • 16: R74 (R55 on older models)

  • 17: Unused, deleted from future kits

  • 18: R97 (R203 on older models)

  • 19: R63/R70/R71 (R52/R53/R99 on older models)

  • 20: R65 (R51 on older models)

  • 21: R47 (R32 on older models)

  • 22: R48 (R34 on older models)

  • 23: R49 (R33 on older models)

  • 24: R75

  • 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core solder (don't use acid core or lead-free solder on the cluster!)

  • Schematic, Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide are online - Click here